The Concept

In this world, some have excess facilities and resources while some are devoid of basic utilities such as clothes, food, and the like. Some are blessed with wardrobes with hundreds of clothes of which many (read, most!) are not even touched for months together due to various reasons. However, such clothes are often excellent in quality. On the other side, there are millions of people who are deprived of the basics such as clothes.

The objective of this initiative is to facilitate the sharing of used clothes, books, and toys, in good quality, with other people in need who could use them happily for months.

Through this website as well as a mobile app (EnjoySharing) on iPhone and Android, we simply facilitate the Donors with the prospective Recipients, who could enjoy the joy of sharing.

We appeal all to participate in this noble cause.

This is non-commercial, non-profit, charitable activity by Life Force Foundation Trust, a registered non-government organization.